Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Document Management Software

Document Management is the control of an organization's documents and their lifecycle, including how and when documents are created, reviewed, published, utilized, retained and destroyed.

Document Management Software For Smaller Businesses
In the past, document management was a challenge most likely tackled by larger organizations due to the sheer volume of documents they were required to manage. Document Management Software was also priced to fit larger organizations budgets.
Smaller organizations and teams are however increasingly requiring better control of their document lifecycle. Global compliance requirements, geographically dispersed teams and a desire to more effectively manage knowledge, are all challenges faced by large and small organizations alike.

As a result, the Document Management Software you choose to utilize needs to fit your organization's goals, culture, technology capabilities, and budget.

Ensuring Fit With Your Document Management Needs
A well-designed document management system is flexible enough to support both rigid workflows around document and other record creation, retention and destruction, thus ensuring that you meet your legal obligations, as well as a more loosely structured environment that may better support collaboration.

The document management system will not only store your documents but will also importantly provide you with easy access to your documents, whether this be via a powerful search mechanism, tagging and tag clouds, or an easy to use document browse interface.
A modern document management software system will allow you to share documents within your repository via email, direct web links or RSS feeds.

The software will support the easy mapping of your organization or industry's standard document types and metadata (information about the documents) into the repository.
The system will also provide you with a powerful but easy to use mechanism to control who accesses which documents, whether they are allowed to edit the documents and whether the documents may be emailed out of the document repository. The system will also provide your organization with access to your documents via familiar interfaces, be they web-based or from within common office productivity applications.

Education Portal

I found this portal at "education portal.htm". This portal is all about Career Information for Teacher Education for Specific Subject Areas. I think this portal is suitable for me because my ambition is want to be a teacher. So, from this portal I can get more information about careers and skills in teaching profession.

Teaching can be a difficult profession. Not only do teachers have to understand the concepts they are teaching, but they must have the skills to pass those same insights on to others.

In addition, they might have to deal with problems such as students with clashing personalities, unmotivated learners, problems at home or over-involved parents. Teaching programs are generally undergraduate or graduate programs that teach child development theories, communications, pedagogical techniques and problem solving skills.
In a specific subject area education program, students undertake focused study in a particular subject in preparation for a teaching career in that area. With a teacher education for a specific subject area, you might find work as a public school teacher, remedial educator or instructional coordinator.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What computer means to me??

It' s such a difficult question to answer....ermm..but I will try my best to answer this question base on my knowledges and experiences.

Actually, I don't have any laptop or personal computer at this time but I know computer is such a technology that is very important and useful nowadays. Everywhere we are, we need computer to solve problems and make our bisness go well. For example, when we go to the library, we need computer to save the data when we borrow the books. As a humanbeing, we cannot remember all of the data especially the data that involved big numbers. So, we need computer to remember all of the data

For me computer is just like a robot that we only have to control and it will give what we want. Everything is just at our fingertips. For example, if we want to find the information from the internet, we just need to type the title at the space provided and the information will show on the screen just in 5 seconds. Some other peoples use streamyx to access the internet fastly.

As a university student, computer is very important to us in our learning process. We need computer to finish our assingment and sometimes we need to submit our assingment by using e-mails to the lecture.

As the conclusion, computer is very important nowadays. We have to learn more about computer and how to use it. If not we will left behind.......
That's all.

17 July 2008_introduction


First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My full name is Nooraini Binti Chit Adziz @ Che Aziz. People juz call me Aini. My hometown is at Kuala Berang, Terengganu. For your information, I'm 18 years old. As all of you know, everybody must have their interest in doing something. Actually, I love to listen to music and watching TV during my free time. Sometimes I love to play badminton with my brother and help my mother cooking the dishes for lunch and dinner. Actually, this is my first time involving myself in this blog.